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Dancina Rainbow Tutu for Girls


Our little ones are small for such a short amount of time. It's so important to get those beautiful memories recorded for your family history. Of course, your little princess must look her best and what better way for her to shine than in a Dancina Rainbow Tutu!!!

This Dancina baby girl's rainbow tutu has beautiful bright rainbow colours, sure to enhance many a costume. On top of that the satin elastic waistband used in the sewing process is perfectly balanced to ensure a snug fit, and it'll not leave any marks at all on your little girl's waist. This beautiful tutu makes for a perfect birthday and baby shower gift, instantly creating a pretty little princess look. Your little angel can even sleep in her dress as the new non-scratchy and super soft tulle material of the tutu makes it super comfortable for her.

We didn't realise this ourselves, but according to customers' messages, hand washing this lovely little tutu even after a cake smash is just a doddle! What's more? The silky satin underskirt ensures that your girl feels nothing but softness on her legs while you remain confident about the modesty of the tutu which is very difficult to find in this rainbow stripe design!


This fun fluffy tutu fits newborns and girls of age group 6 months- 8 years.

6-24 months -

  • Length- 8"
  • Relaxed Waist- 16"
  • Fully Stretched Waist- 20"

2-4 years -

  • Length- 10"
  • Relaxed Waist- 17"
  • Fully Stretched Waist- 28"

5-8 years -

  • Length- 11.8"
  • Relaxed Waist- 19"
  • Fully Stretched Waist- 31"


And remember Dancina guarantees you'll be 100% happy with free, no-questions-asked returns for any reason at all. So whether it's her birthday or another special occasion, or just for fun, put the Dancina rainbow tutu in your basket totally risk free now!

  • πŸ’– EXCITING BUT STILL MODEST: The separate rainbow stripes are not sewn together so the twirling skirt gives a wonderful impression but with a Full UNDERSKIRT we now have the very best of both worlds.
  • πŸŒ™ NO SCRATCHES AT ALL: The specially designed soft and fluffy tulle layers give the perfect protection for your baby's sensitive skin whilst showing her off in the most beautiful possible way. Your little one can sleep in this tutu and wake up without a scratch as it's so soft against her skin.
  • 😍 IT'LL FIT LIKE A DREAM DON'T WORRY: The super stretchy satin elastic waistband on this rainbow tutu gives an almost magical close but comfy feeling.
  • πŸ’§ EASILY WASHABLE: Dancina tutus are beautiful, durable and easy to wash. One quick wash under cold water and the cake stains fall right off. Simply hang it to dry and it'll be completely crease-free.
  • πŸ‘‰ 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE INCLUDING SHIPPING: Buy with confidence, with our no questions asked money back guarantee.

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