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Dancina Girls Lavender Footed Tights Size Extra Large XL (8-10) Purple x2


Product Description

Breathable & Highly Stretchable

Dancina Microfiber Dress Tights are extremely fashionable but still made with thought for your child's comfort. They are very stretchy and breathable to ensure maximum comfort on your child's skin even after long hours of wearing.


These are soft tights with a lovely matt finish giving a nice neat look, it is available in an array of rich colors to go with whatever your fashion theme is for the day.


These smooth matt tights would match perfectly with a Dancina glitter tutu dress and highly polished mary jane shoes.

Fit for Everyday Wear

These tights are semi-opaque and goes well with almost everything to fit your child's fashion statement of the day!

Wash & Care Instructions

  • Tip #1Always wash tights inside out and do not wring. It is best to put tights in a laundry net if they are machine washed. This is to prevent the tights from being pulled by other clothing
  • Tip #2These tights are best hung out to dry as high heat in the dryer may damage their elasticity
  • Tip #3Sharp / long toe nails may damage the tights (or any other foot garment). It is the main reason why holes by the toes are so common

Buy with confidence, with our "no questions asked" refund policy. Here at Dancina, we've done our very best to take all the risk out of your shopping, so go right ahead and put these comfy full-footed microfiber tights in your shopping cart now!

These Beautiful Tights are Suitable For:

Formal Events & Photo Shoot

These Beautiful Tights are Suitable For:

Costume Party

These Beautiful Tights are Suitable For:

School Performances

These Beautiful Tights are Suitable For:

School & Casual Wear

Colorful Mary Jane for Girls Mary Jane Classic for Girls Glitter Tutu Skirt Camisole Glitter Tutu Dress Short Sleeve Glitter Tutu Dress Long Sleeve Glitter Tutu Dress
Fabric synthetic suede material synthetic suede material 4 layer Soft Non-Scratchy Tulle Skirt 93% Cotton/ 7% Spandex 93% Cotton/ 7% Spandex 93% Cotton/ 7% Spandex
Special Features Glitter Surface, Available in an Array of Fashionable Designs Smooth Shiny Surface Star Sequin Glitter Tutu Skirt with Super Elastic Waistband Adjustable Strap w/ Full Front Lining Full Front Lining w/ Star Glitter Super Stretchy, Natural Cotton Leotard with Star Sequin Glitter Tutu Skirt
Size Range 6 Toddler to 3 Little Kid 6 Toddler to 3 Little Kid 6-24 Months, 2Y-13Y 2T Toddler - 8y Little Girl 2T Toddler - 10y Little Girl 2T Toddler - 10y Little Girl
Colors 5 Designs 5 Colors (Red, Black, Gold Glitter, White, Pink, Ivory) 30 Colors 13 Colors/ Design 10 Colors 7 Colors

Ballet Transition Tights Ballet Footed Tights Leather Ballet Shoes Canvas Ballet Shoes Petal Sleeve Ballet Dress Long Sleeve Cotton Leotard
Fabric 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex Synthetic Leather, Suede Sole Canvas with Suede Sole 97% Cotton/ 3% Spandex 93% Cotton/ 7% Spandex
Special Features Convertible Tights from Footed to Footless Thicker Opaque Soft Fabric with Excellent Fitting Full Suede Sole w/ Cotton Lining High quality Canvas Upper + Anti- Slip Suede Leather Split Sole 3 Layer Tulle Dress Long Sleeve Cotton Leotard with Full Front Lining
Size Range 3Y-14Y, Women S,M,L sizes 3Y-14Y, Women S,M,L sizes 6M Toddler-2M Girls 6M Toddler-2M Girls 2T-8 Yr 2Y-10Y
Colors 4 Colors (Pink, Ballet Pink, White, Suntan) 5 Colors (Black, White, Pink, Ballet Pink, Suntan) Ballet Pink Ballet Pink 5 (Black, Ballet Pink, Pink, Light Blue, Lavender) 14 Colors
  • 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex, ultra soft & smooth
  • 🌸 High elasticity and as comfortable as a second skin. Perfect for school, school performances and recitals, first communion, daily casual wear, formal events or a fun outing with friends
  • πŸ’ƒ These Dancina dress tights are available in many rich and colorful fashion shades for you to pick your perfect matching pair
  • πŸ‘ Did we forget to mention? We have sizes for 2T toddler all the way up to big girls age 14!
  • ⭐ Size: Please refer to our size charts in Images πŸ‘ˆ and Product Description πŸ‘‡ before placing your order
  • Check out Dancina's complete range of products and choose your matching Mary Jane Ballet Flats by clicking on the Dancina logo above the title πŸ‘†

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