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At-Home Activities to Entertain Your Little Dancer

Bored Little Dancer at Home

Screen-time can only go so far for energetic and creative little dancers.
As a kid, I couldn’t go an hour without practicing a routine, playing music, or doing flips in the front-yard. I remember well what it was like to be that energetic child who just wanted to keep her mind and body as ACTIVE as possible.

But in times like these, where they may not be able to go outside, kids need a fun and safe way to stay engaged. This situation can be boring, frustrating, and even confusing for kids who are used to putting their energy into school and other activities. So I channeled my past self to choose some activities that I know I would have loved as a kid. The best part? They can all be done safely at home.

  • A Giant Keyboard Playmat
  • Giant Piano Playmat

    When do you ever get a chance to play piano with your feet? As an adult, I don’t think I would be able to resist jumping in and dancing a tune as well. This activity is so fun because it will burn your little dancer’s energy as well as challenge her brain. Plus, there’s volume control, which we all know is important for mommy.
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    My Favorite Part: She can record her own little tune and play it back! 

    A Ballet Jigsaw Puzzle

    Ballet Recital Jigsaw Puzzle
    What better way to wind down from a dance routine than to complete this darling puzzle? You can only do so many puzzles of gardens and beaches so why not give her a puzzle she can relate to? This 100-piece puzzle showcases five, gorgeous ballerinas sparkling in a recital. If it’s not challenging enough for her, make it a game by timing how fast she can put it together.
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    My Favorite Part: Each dress is a different color, so it’s a great way to teach girls to strategize by separating similar pieces first.

    A Ballet Turning Board

    Ballet Turning Board

    A turning board is a tool to help dancers practice their spins and turns. You don’t have to be a ballerina to benefit from this board! The board improves balance and core strength, so whether your little girl is a ballerina, a gymnast, or just loves to twirl - this board is for her. Don’t worry - The top has soft padding for feet and the bottom doesn’t scratch the floor. 
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    My Favorite Part: It’s not made for just little girls. It’s for all ages, so you can keep at it as your little grows.


  • A Portable Ballet Barre


  • Portable Ballet Barre for home exercise

  • If your little girl no longer has access to the dance studio, then she may be missing the ballet barre to support her stretches and movements. Surprising her with a bar that she can use at home is a great way to ensure she doesn’t lose her form while at home. Give your little girl the true at-home dance experience by looking up some ballet or yoga barre routines on Youtube while she practices.
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    My Favorite Part: The bar is adjustable - so it will last a lifetime.


  • A Dance Game that Even Toddlers can Enjoy


  • Toddler's First Dance Game
  • You’re never too old to learn how to boogie down (I started at age 2!). This game is simple - roll the cube, pick a card that matches the color of what you rolled, and do the action! The actions range from waddling like a duck to performing a hula dance. The game isn’t much about winning, as it is just about HAMMING it up with the family. Although for toddlers, it is a great chance to learn movement, language, and communication skills in a way that will definitely create some funny family videos.
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    My Favorite Part: It’s a game that even younger girls can understand and grasp VERY quickly - so they don’t feel left out if they have older siblings on game-night.


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