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About us

Andrea Schiffer & Michael Grimm winning the Boogie Woogie German Championships 1999.
They subsequently won the Swing Dance World Championship in 2001.


Are you sitting comfortably ? then I’ll begin.

A good few years ago now I won the Swing Dance World Championship in 2001. I even released a video which attracted almost a million views, which was a lot in those days. It was really great fun but involved countless hours of practice and a tremendous amount of travel.
Partly due to these years of dedication I never had a family, and slowly found myself having to work harder and harder in a large corporation to make ends meet.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and so after lots of discussions I finally allowed myself to be persuaded to take the plunge and start Dancina with a business partner.

Channeling my energy into developing dance clothing for the whole family (not forgetting cool vintage style clothing for us older girls - why should little girls have all the fun ?!) has been like a dream come true.

I now finally have my family!
PS my husband is a professional musician with a similar dedication, and amazingly a great eye for design! Just look at our gym leo’s !
PPS I hope you join our Dancina family and stay with us for a long long time.