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Top Gymnast Workout Videos to Try at Home (including shopping list!)


Gymnastics as a sport has been around for over 2,000 years - starting with the Greeks as young as two years as old! 2,000 years ago, all they really had was an open space and some instruction -- and now modern day gymnasts are in a similar situation now that gyms are closed.

There are plenty of ways to continue gymnasts at home! If you and your little gymnast are lacking some motivation, or are simply craving a new routine, then trying online videos can be the answer. I’ve compiled some of my favorite at-home gymnasts videos from some of the most popular Youtubers to try at home.

And why not bring the whole family in on the fun on some of the easier videos?

At-Home Gymnast Workout Videos on Youtube

1) 20 Minute Stretch | Gymnast Stretching Routine - By: Whitney Bjerken

Whitney is a competitive gymnast from Georgia who posts a mix of workout videos, fitness journeys, and even her own music videos. Before an at-home gym routine, I highly recommend Whitney’s 20 minute stretch routine for gymnasts. It’s great for any skill level (except for the splits at the end) - and can be done with just a mat and a chair or raised surface to rest your foot on.

2) BACK HANDSPRING TUTORIAL 2020 | Fear Tips, Drills and Hacks - By: Lyd’s Vids 

Lydia is famous for being a self-taught gymnast who posts countless easy-to-follow tutorials (but I highly recommend you go outside or move to a large space!) Her back handspring tutorial can get you and your little gymnast back in the gymnastics groove with some really great tips as she goes. 

3) Quarantine Workout 15 Minute Home Workout Challenge for Gymnasts - By: precisionsouthgym

While their channel hasn’t collected that many subscribers, their quarantine workout is a great find! No equipment is necessary and it follows a fun song (if that’s your thing). In under 15 minutes - you’ll definitely work up a sweat! 

4) How to Keep Practicing Gymnastics at Home - Challenge! - By: TC2

TC2 features twin sister gymnasts Megan and Ciera, along with their cheerleader cousins who have over 2 million subscribers! Their channel is completely dedicated to gymnast tutorials, tips, and fun challenges. Their latest challenge for at home gymnasts includes a 3 Week Gym Guide Download that you can complete at any time that follows along to their videos.

If you want to join in, they even have a very popular family gymnastics challenge - don’t leave Dad out!

5) Tumbling Tutorial! Gymnastics at Home, Tricks, How to, Routine Exercises - By: PsycheTruth

 My favorite part about this routine is it is done with a yoga instructor and her gymnast daughter - so mothers with less gymnastics experience can still guide their daughters through it. This short and sweet tumbling tutorial is a great way to ensure the basics stay practiced. Plus - there are a ton of yoga videos on her channel for mommy too!

A Shopping List for At-Home Gymnasts

1) Mini Trampoline

Foldable Trampoline

2) Thick Exercise Mat

Gymnastics Exercise Mat for home

3) Gymnastics Home Training Bar

Gymnastics Bar

4) Non-slip Balance Beam

Balance Beam

5) Gymnast Journal to Track Progress

 Gymnast Journal

6) A Fun Gym Leotard

Dancina Gym Leo

7) Personalized Wall Decal for Inspiration

 Gymnast Wall Decal

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