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4 Ways to Wear a Tutu

Who said you ever have to get rid of tutus from your wardrobe? Tutu skirts may be a childhood dress up staple, but as you (or your child) gets older, you can still style it in many ways. I’ve even worn a tutu out walking my dog! A tutu can transform dancers into ballerinas, fashionistas, or other characters. Don’t buy the cheap costume tutu. Buy quality so you can restyle, reuse, and rock it again and again.

Here are four ways you can style one A-Line tutu tulle skirt (in this case, pink) into distinct looks.

  • 1. The Classic Dancing Queen

  • It’s no secret that tutus were designed for dancers. They create an elegant, romantic look that is designed to showcase the dancer’s feet. But tutus aren’t just for ballerinas! I wore a tutu at my first ever performance dancing boogie woogie/rock’n’roll (pictured below)

    Andrea's 1st performance


      2. A Sweet Spring Look

        Sweet Spring Look with an A-line Tutue

        What is the beginning of Spring without a cute, at-home photoshoot? A tutu skirt is a great base for layering on other accessories to complete a look. Make a family evening out of it by buying matching ones for the whole family (maybe even dad!).

          3. The Fashionista
            Fashionista in an A-line Tutu

            Throw on a pair of heels, a nice top, or if you want to make it even more edgy - a leather jacket, to transform a tutu from day to night. When you find a skirt that’s comfortable, there’s no reason not to wear it out on all sorts of occasions. Pair it with lighter, fun tops to wear to church, bridal showers, or birthday parties!

              4. The Dress Up Darling
                Dress up Darling in an A-line Tutu

                Everyone’s been there - frantically going through their closet to pick out a last minute costume for a themed party or Halloween. Tutu skirts can save the day! A princess or a ballerina is obvious … but we’ve seen some of our customers get pretty creative with our products.

                As a girl who likes to get the most out of any purchase, finding creative inspiration to reuse what’s in my closet not only saves money, but inspires me to challenge my fashion game. 

                So how are you going to transform your closet into something new?

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