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Create an at-home dance space with a DIY dance floor

Dancina DIY Dance Floors

Buying a dance floor can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000! And now that we’re all spending more time at home, it’s more important than ever to create a safe and fun dance space. 

Dancing at home can cause some challenges. For one, dancing on gravel or carpet can be tough - it'll ruin the carpet and is uncomfortable. Then of course there’s possibly an issue of space. 

Luckily, building a dance floor is fairly easy and there are many different ways to do it! 

Before you start planning your DIY Dance Space, Follow this Checklist:

  • Pick a location that is level and has space for a mirror

  • Determine size of floor you need 

A general rule of thumb is to plan is that each dancer will need about 4.5 square ft. of room to dance.

If you have less open space in your home, consider buying rolling wheels for your table or chairs. That way you can simply roll your furniture out of the way when you’re ready to boogie. I’ve seen many of my friends do this!

And what dance space is complete without a mirror?

You can either buy a glass or acrylic dance mirror that fits your space, or you can buy some mirror tiles, like these, and build a custom mirror for very cheap!

Here’s a great Youtube Tutorial on how to do so.

  • Consider different floor material options

Natural wood and stone are popular and durable. But if you’re going for a professional look, then investing in Marley or Matlay dance flooring which is composed of non-skid vinyl is a great choice. The installation is also much easier as it requires a simple glue down onto hard-wood floors.

Below, I have outlined how you can implement the different types of dance floors, from least to most expensive per-square foot (on average) along with some pros/cons of each.

Different Types of DIY Dance Floors from Least-Most Expensive

Types of DIY Dance Floors

Buildable Foam Mats
Cost: Less than a $1 per square foot
Pros: No installation needed, great for beginners/little kids, completely portable
Cons: Easy to tear/rip, hard to clean

If you want a quick, easy, and affordable dance floor, then buying some foam mats can be your best starting point. 

If you want to really impress your little dancer, try out these fun liquid-encased floor mats that respond to their feet movement.

The Plywood Floor
Cost: About $0-15 per square foot for 
Pros: Durable and can be cost-effective, easy to clean, fairly easy to install 
Cons: Requires maintenance to stay durable, can scratch easily

If your plan is to build the floor outside, be sure to weather proof it with some sealant

It could also be a fun project to let your little dancer paint the floor herself if it’s in a temporary area!

P.S. You can find wood panels for free at your local recycling facility! So check there first if you really want to save. Here’s a step by step on how to do so.

The Stone/Tile Dance Floor
Cost: About $6-12 per square foot 
Pros: Very durable, cleans easily and doesn’t attract dust, unique look
Cons: Can get slippery or have weird textures, might scratch with certain types of dance shoes

Installing stone flooring often takes special equipment and may cost more to rent if you choose to DIY it. 

Marley Flooring + Sprung Subfloor (for Dancers)
Cost: $18 per square foot ($3 or marley, $13 for sprung subfloor to increase thickness)
Pros: Very light and easy to install, grip provides great stability for ballet and sound for clogging, durable
Cons: Runs expensive, bulky, not as portable wood
There are both permanent and impermanent ways to install Marley flooring. Check out this blog to find out the details. 

Complete your DIY Dance Floor with these Accessories 

A great bluetooth speaker
A great dancer is often inspired by great music. Invest in a bluetooth speaker with higher volume settings to make your little dancer feel like she’s performing again!
Fun Lighting 
What’s a better way to bring some fun into your new dance floor than a customizable light display? 
Light up Face Masks if you have Friends Over
Especially for kids, wearing face masks can be scary or confusing. Make it fun if you’re inviting people over to check out your new dance floor with these light-up masks.
Treat your little dancer to a new tutu to break in the new dance floor
She’ll feel extra special with a new dance floor and new tutu to match in her favorite color.

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