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Memes that only Dancers will Understand

Memes that only Dancers will Understand

It may be hard for dancers to connect like we used to right now, but what better way than to send over a relatable meme?

Everyone deserves a good laugh so we decided to share some of our favorite dance memes (some of which we created ourselves!)

What’s even more fun - show them to your daughter and leave a comment on which one is your favorite! The winning meme will be featured in a t-shirt that pairs perfectly with a tutu!

1. A face we've all made...intentionally or not

Dancina 1

2. This poem

Dancina 2

3. This graph that perfectly demonstrates the lifespan of the elusive pointe shoe

Dancina 3

4. Bobbi pins...they're never there when you need them

dancina 4

5. Why not both?

Dancina 5

6. caption needed

Dancina 6

7. This cat again that shows EXACTLY how it feels to clean out your dance bag

Dancina 7

8. And finally, for the dance moms

Dancina 8

Don't forget to leave a comment for your favorite meme!


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