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Dance Tips for Beginners

Dancing is an incredibly fun and enjoyable activity that comes naturally to most of us, especially to our little girls. As soon as they hear their favorite music, they start wiggling their little bums, waving their hands in the air, and do a combination of spinning and twirling moves. They dance to their hearts’ content because dancing is not just recreation for our little girls—it’s their self-expression.

And what better way to enrich their natural interest in dance than to help them get started on this journey!

Here are some tips to help you jump start your little girl’s dancing adventure:



There are many dance styles to choose from, and there are no rules to follow in choosing a dance style. Many dancers, however, choose to start with ballet as it is a formal style and good for training a young dancer’s body to move with elegance and flow.



Almost everywhere, we are blessed with dedicated teachers running lots of dance classes. With the power of social media, and just a few clicks, you should be able to find one near to you.

It certainly pays to visit and observe the class if you can to get a feel for it. If you’re looking to enroll your daughter in ballet, for example, it’s always good to find out a little more about the instructor. A good teacher-student relationship is an important factor in learning well.



Wearing appropriate attire is very crucial for your little girl. Every dance class is different and may have specific dress code rules. However, there are a few things that most dancers wear.


Leotards, with or without skirts, are an example of standard dancewear depending on your little girl’s age. Dancina offers a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.



Tights are essential to most dancers except for very young ones and these are either footed or transition (convertible). The transition tights, which can be worn as footed or footless, are often worn by more advanced dancers. The tights have a small hole under the foot so they can be converted to a footless tight by pulling the hole over the toes and heel. They can then simply go from ballet into modern, contemporary and even jazz class (which need bare feet) and don't need to change their dance attire.

Dancina's transition tights boast the same high-quality material as our footed tights. They are stretchy and elastic, making it so easy for your little one to pull them up through the hole on their own. These microfiber tights are very durable (120 Denier) and made for long time use.



Shoes can be a bit specific to the style of dance. For instance, your budding little ballerina will need to have a good pair of ballet shoes.

The typical “first” ballet shoe for little girls is a leather shoe with a single leather sole. For young ballet students, a full sole is recommended as it offers more resistance than a split-sole and is therefore important in building foot strength for students age 4 to 7.

However, by the time a student reaches age 10 or 11, they can transition to a split-sole shoe as this is more flattering to the line of the foot. Advanced students and professional dancers prefer a split-sole shoe.

Dancina's ballet shoes are made of high quality, lightweight, soft, durable canvas or premium leather. The Anti-Slip Suede Leather Sole is available in full or split-sole.


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