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How To Put On Ballet Tights

Every dancer, dance mom, or those of us with budding ballerinas in our lives absolutely know the struggles of putting on dance tights!
We all think that putting them on should be easy as the material is stretchy, but once we try, we often can't seem to get our feet into them!
Don't worry -- just follow this step-by-step guide on how to easily slip on your tights:
Step 1: Stretch the tights gently lengthwise.
Stretch enough to create some give in the tights before you start putting them on.
Be careful not to pull too hard and risk tearing.
 Step 2: Ease the foot of the tights over your foot, from toe to heel.
Point your toe and slip your foot inside the tights. Put your whole foot inside and arrange the bottom of the tight's foot so that the seam at the toe runs across the tip of your toes. Make sure the foot of the tights fits nicely around your toe and heel.
  • Keep your thumbs inside, pointed downward and the nail-side against you to avoid snagging your tights.
  • You might need to stretch the opening a bit to make sure your foot slides inside without catching on the fabric. Pointing your toe will help prevent your toenail from snagging the tights.
  • If either the toe or heel of the tights is crooked, you'll want to make sure it's straightened or you'll have trouble with later steps.
Step 3: Pull the tights up your leg.
Gently stretch the material of the tights, and unroll it up your leg to above your knee, near your mid-thigh. Ease it on carefully and slowly so the fabric doesn't pull or rip.
  • If the fabric is twisted or bunched at the knees, straighten it out before proceeding.

Step 4: Repeat these steps to pull the tights up your other leg.
Gather the waist and toe of the other leg to create an easy pathway for your foot. Point your toe and insert your foot, lining up the toe of the hose so that the seam runs across your toes. Gently pull the tights leg up over your calf and knee to your mid-thigh. Make sure the leg of your tights isn't bunched or twisted.
Step 5: Once you've partially pulled the tights up each leg, stand up and continue gently unrolling the material.
Continue to pull up the tights further, until the waistband is positioned around your natural waistline.
You'll have the best luck if you pull the material up on one side, then the other, before finishing with the hips and waist.
  • IF there are areas left rumpled or baggy, or IF the legs don’t seem to be long enough, roll the tights down to the knees again.
  • Just sit down, gently stretch them out and roll them back up. Be careful not to yank them back up from the top or they will likely tear.


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